We employ integrated product management approach from lab to farm to ensure every batch of Paulownia wood is of superior quality and standard. The brief company profiles of our affiliates are as below:


Phytos Biosciences Sdn Bhd (Phytosbio) is a plant tissue culture laboratory based in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The laboratory was founded in the second-half of year 2012 as a subsidiary R&D laboratory under Revongen Corporation. Phytosbio started with humble beginning as a R&D and small scale production lab specialising in ornamental aquatic plant and pitcher plant. We supplied our tissue culture plantlets to domestic aquariums and nurseries.

After a year, Phytosbio expanded their lab facilities to cater larger production scale. The expansion has increased the production capacity from 50,000 to 200,000 explants. Since mid-year of 2014, Phytosbio has been driving their research effort in optimization of Paulownia clones in Malaysia climate and have succeeded in producing Revotropix Paulownia clones and plantlets.

Revotropix Paulownia tissue culture

Revotropix Paulownia clones

Plant tisue culturists

Lab manager


Our affiliate, United Paulownia Plantation Sdn Bhd (UpPlantation) is a forestry farm management company specialising in Paulownia farming. UpPlantation has been intiating Paulownia farming in two selected lands in Negeri Sembilan

Farm Manager

More than 30 years experiences in
various type of farming projects

Spri, Pedas, Negeri Sembilan

35 acres . Expected to
accommodate 10,500
Revotropix Paulownia trees.

Chengkau Ulu, Negeri Sembilan

13 acres . Expected to accommodate
4,000 Revotropix Paulownia trees.