RevoTropix Paulownia: Entrepreneurship and Career Talk by Gain-Green

On 22 October 2016, Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd (Gain-Green) organized “RevoTropix Paulownia: Entrepreneurship and Career Talk” at Sri Petaling Hotel. The event had successfully attracted participation from green lovers and entrepreneurs.

How do you perceive planation or plantation industry? How an entrepreneur play his/her role or to acquire share in the cake of plantation? What is the future of plantation? Connect with us and let’s have a discussion.

As a social enterprise, Gain-Green has a mission to establish forest inventory through sustainable land-use practices and methodologies contributing to economic, social and environmental benefits. A sustainable business model is crucial for a lifelong environmental campaign. We hope to be able to satisfy the interests of stakeholders by delivering positive outcomes and revenue growth.

Gain-Green wishes to reduce tree cutting from native forest by shifting the wood demand to timber plantation. We want people to join our business with good cause, we want interested parties to be part of us and join us for the sake of a better and greener world. Nowadays, people tend to conscious about conserving our environment. We are looking for genuine parties that would join with us for long term. We want to focus on planting trees, changing our lifestyle and doing the right thing.

Revotropix Paulownia can grow to averagely human height in 3 months and has a strong root system in 6 months. It’s something solid that we are having in our ground. Instead of spending a lot of money in non-productive needs, we can save more native trees by joining the Million Tree Challenge Campaign. Join us if you love to contribute to the earth

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