Green Caster, a New Kicker for Agroforestry Business

When Malaysia’s economy reopens in a new normal after Conditional Movement Control Order, there is something new and exciting that Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd (Gain-Green)’s new subsidiary company offers.

Starting from 5 May 2020, landowners and estate owners can now participate in Innovative Partnership Programme introduced by Green Caster Sdn. Bhd. (Green Caster) for planting Revotropix Paulownia trees.

Green Caster will assist landowners with larger land size and estate owners (eg. oil palm) who are interested to replant to revive abandoned land through Innovative Partnership Programme.

With the programme’s tagline: ‘Peer to-Peer and Hand-in-Hand’, the company aims to bridge eligible entrepreneurs and landowners together and jointly entered into a three-cornered joint venture project.

Currently, there are landowners with a collective thousand acres proposing to participate in Green Caster’s Innovative Partnership Programme. The project is sought to lease the agriculture land for the tree to be harvested and regenerated multiple times. The recurring cycle of wood products will ensure the sustainability of income streams for landowners.

There would be two options for landowners to participate in the Green
Caster’s programme; small landowners with 30-200 acres and landowners who own more than 200 acres.

Unlike fruit trees which have seasons of ripe maturity, a timber tree such as Revotropix Paulownia (RevoTP1) provides a spectrum of time series to harvest. The delaying in harvesting timber may produce better results in wood volume, density, wood grain texture and value. Both the cost of a tree and log volume increases exponentially over time.

Planting a Paulownia tree takes a lot of patience and skill to attain the targeted size. Green Caster aims to enable its partners to get a clear picture of the project in making tree-planting a successful business.

“In the long-run, we will not restrain ourselves to tree-planting and wood-trading. We plan to expand our business portfolio from B2B (Business-to-Business) to B2C (Business-to-Consumer),” said CEO of Green Caster, Adrian Goh Seok Seong.


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