Empress Wood Plans to Venture into Wood Craft Business

Tree planted on our mother earth may store carbon for long-term!

Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd (Gain Green)’s subsidiary company, Empress Wood Sdn Bhd is established to bring beautiful masterpiece made of Revotropix Paulownia (Empress Wood). They are genuinely made from the heart, crafted to last long, giving it the opportunity to be passed down for generations.

Empress Wood Sdn Bhd is capitalising on Revotropix Paulownia (RevoTP 1) trees to produce premium grade wood crafted products. The wood has desirable characteristics for crafting and developing various wood products. It is rot resistance, has dimensional stability and a high ignition point which ensures the popularity of its timber in the world market.

The light-coloured wood has aesthetical appealing grain pattern with silky texture. Key characteristics of the wood are it is very light, solid and
stable, dries rapidly, moisture resistant, has excellent sound conduction and low thermal and low energy conductivity. Such characteristics make it an easily worked and desirable wood.

Empress Wood plans to produce premium quality wood products ranging from furniture, handicrafts and gifts, wood material for interior design applications, custom made engraved wood, pet house products and natural personal care, as well as toy products in the future.

The Revotropix Paulownia wood will also be used in building smart and functional interior design products. Pet house products such as birdhouses and cat towers will also be available. Empress Wood also offers natural personal care products such as soap made with Paulownia biochar.

Revotropix Paulownia tree has high environmental value and is known as one of the best alternative for forest timber. With on-going Revotropix Paulownia plantation programs, Gain-Green aims to lead wood usage gained from sustainable timber supplies via afforestation. Afforestation is a positive effort in curbing the over-use and destruction of natural forest. If done with proper planning and at appropriate sites, it can become a commercially viable solution for many human needs without harming the balance of nature.


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