Behind the Scene Footage of “RevoTropix Paulownia Million Tree Challenge Video”

14 April 2016 – Gain-Green invited professional video production team to help in producing a video regarding “RevoTropix Paulownia Million Tree Challenge” campaign that shall be officially kick-started on 20th April 2016.


The objective of the video is to address the mission and aspiration of “RevoTropix Paulownia Million Tree Challenge” campaign and demonstrates the process of multiplying and growing Paulownia from lab, nursery to plantation farm as well as the revolutionary application of RevoTropix Paulownia tag that will be used to record GPS coordinates of the every single tree.


Gain Green’s team is glad to have a couple of friends from overseas who came a long way to Malaysia to participate in this video to show their supports towards “RevoTropix Paulownia Million Tree Challenge” campaign. They are Ms. Martha Skowron (entomologist and biologist from Poland), Mr. Paolo Volponi (eco film producer from Italy), Mr. Yoshikazu Hatayama (CEO of SHI Corp, Japan) and Mr. Takashi Kawano (CFO from SHI Corp, Japan).


“We couldn’t produce this great video without participation and commitment of the amazing team and supporters of Gain-Green that bear the same aspiration and goal. We really touched to have friends from Poland, Italy and Japan who willing to spare their valuable time to join this video and share their insight about Million Tree Challenge, stay tune the new video in upcoming updates!” says Ms. Lay Bee, the Internal Affairs Director of Gain-Green.


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